Children have many rights including the right to an adequate standard of living, health care, education & services, to play & recreation. These include a balanced diet, a warm bed to sleep in, access to schooling and safe places to play.


To recognise the rights of children in Anda, Bohol, Philippines and provide goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce child poverty in the area.

We will achieve this by:

  • Encouraging and supporting poor families to work themselves out of poverty.
  • Developing creative and learning opportunities for Anda’s disadvantaged children
  • Encouraging tourists to engage with and support local families and community groups thus promoting responsible and volunteer tourism.
  • Successfully liaising with local/foreign organisations, charities, businesses, wealthy individuals and media to increase and coordinate their efforts to improve the circumstances of Anda’s children.

The UN General Assembly defines children living in poverty as those “deprived of nutrition, water and sanitation facilities, access to basic health-care services, shelter, education, participation and protection, and that while a severe lack of goods and services hurts every human being, it is most threatening and harmful to children, leaving them unable to enjoy their rights, to reach their full potential and to participate as full members of the society.”

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