At ANDAKIDZ we strongly encourage responsible tourism.
Improving the living environments of poor children, inspiring them to develop their talents and empowering their families to increase their income to be able to better support their children’s futures doesn’t require just money – it needs manpower too.

So if you are a foreigner who would like to visit Anda, enjoy yourself and help out the same time then please read on.
Currently we are looking for people to help out with various projects including development of the facilities at the ANDAKIDZ COMMUNITY CENTRE.

See photos and read about some voluntourists’ experiences on Facebook:
Priit Kattel from Estonia
Cecile Poirier from France
Maxime and Yolande from France
Annely Põldsaar from Estonia

We can’t pay the travel expenses of the volunteers to come to Anda but we can arrange homestays with local families and discounts at a range of resorts/lodges in and around Anda.
If you would like to discuss volunteering please contact us.