Your Questions… and Answers

Is ANDAKIDZ a registered non-profit organisation?

Yes, MTÜ Andakidz is a European non profit organisation registered in Estonia (registration number: 80354048).
It’s also important for you to know that we currently take ZERO fees, from private donations, for administration costs. Every cent or penny we receive from individuals gets direct to the projects and families we support. Administration costs are paid by the founders.
NOTE: If we receive funding from governments or other institutional funds for specific projects then we do take a minimal amount to cover administrative and other expenses related to that project.

Do you have any political affiliations?

No, we are not aligned with any political groups or individuals. ANDAKIDZ is non-political organisation. Having said that we acknowledge the efforts made by local government towards reducing child poverty in Anda and we respect that their resources are not enough to provide the comfort of every Anda child.

We do not believe reducing child poverty should be part of any political games. In our opinion, we suggest every adult human has a moral duty to ensure all children live free of poverty.

Is ANDAKIDZ a religious organisation?

No. We have no religious agendas. However we welcome cooperation with anyone – religious or not.

What is ANDAKIDZ trying to achieve?

The ANDAKIDZ MISSION is to recognise the rights of children in Anda, Bohol, Philippines and provide goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce child poverty in the area.

We will achieve this by:

* Delivering interim support to families by providing home improvements, books, toys, clothes and engaging experiences.
* Encouraging and supporting poor families to work themselves out of poverty.
* Encouraging tourists to engage with and support local families and community groups thus promoting responsible and volunteer tourism.
* Developing creative and learning opportunities for Anda’s disadvantaged children.
* Successfully liaising with local and foreign organisations, charities, businesses, individuals and media to increase and coordinate their efforts to improve the circumstances of Anda’s children.

We encourage tourists and you to give generously. Please donate now.

What’s the best way to help?

We can buy what children need here in the Philippines so money donations are best.
Hard cash, ideally euros so bank charges are small, via bank transfer is best as this attracts the least deductions.
Donations by credit card, debit card or Paypal are very welcome too.

Next best is that you send toys, books or clothes via post. We encourage you to send a 5 kilo parcel, ideally by registered post.
If you have no money to spare then at least, please, follow us on Facebook and spread the word.

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Do you accept second hand items?

Yes. In fact, as we generally support reuse and recycling we suggest you collect good quality second hand items from friends and family and send them.

How do we know our donation of money or goods will get to the right people?

Well, you can’t know for sure but if you provide us with your contact details then we automatically, and always, report how your donation was used. On request we can supply contact details of the children’s family or day care centre so you can verify personally if you wish.

Can we send our gifts direct to poor families or to daycare centres?

Yes you can. All you have to do is contact us by email, telling us what you want to donate and we will provide contact details of suitable recipients. We ask that you inform us when you have sent your gift so we can verify back to you that it has arrived or we can if you prefer provide the recipient with a stamp and envelope and ask them to write you a short letter of thanks.

Who are you? (Who are the people behind ANDAKIDZ)

“We” are a married couple – Birgit Naur (Estonian), Robin Gurney (English) and our two lovely, “home-schooled” kids, Miabel and Josep.
In 2012 we decided to escape the rat race of the western world – at least for a few years – and moved to Anda, Bohol for a peaceful life and to do something that „makes a difference“.

Why are you doing this?

When we got here we received the warmest of welcomes and it is safe to say that the people of Anda are some of the friendliest we have ever met in decades of travelling.
The local kids embraced ours and after just one month our children gained a large group of friends.
We soon realised that our kids had enormous privileges in terms of toys, books, clothes and diversity of experiences. That was hard to accept and did not seem “fair”.

So primarily this a labour of love. After years of combining global travel with our professional lives, Birgit and I felt it was time to do something that “matters” and help some of the poorest people. Giving also makes us feel good. If you give, you will feel good too. Please donate now.

But there are other reasons:

    Many kids in Anda:

  • Can’t afford to go to school (because of the cost of the uniform and the school materials or because they have „work“ duties at home e.g. looking after younger brothers or sisters, helping parents around the house etc.)
  • Have very poor living conditions (no electricity, no running water, no proper toilets, no beds or chairs etc.)
  • Wear flip flops and t-shirts that are falling apart
  • Get zero pocket money, own no toys or books and have never left the village.

The kids do seem contented – they play on the beach, climb trees, swim in cave pools, dance and play basketball or the local flip-flop „game“.
Like their parents, they are grateful for what they have and neither ask for, nor expect any more – tourists won’t witness any begging or hassling here.

Their admirable attitude to life is something that the „I want more“ children and adults of the west could learn from. Nonetheless, we see an underlying boredom issue and a significant lack of activities and opportunities for children.

We do not feel sorry for the local kids. They don’t want our pity either. We respect their happy-go-lucky attitude and apparent contentment in the face of excruciating poverty where a family survives on 50-100€ per month (if the adults are lucky enough to get work).

So, anyway we quickly decided that we cannot just sit back and do nothing. Maybe we are dreaming but we aim to really improve the situation here in Anda. We are using our network of contacts, our money and skills to improve the lives of the children here.
So can you.

How much do adults earn in Anda?

The income of an average family, of 6 -10 members, is about 50-100€ per month.
You can do the maths about the income per person yourself.
A family with 10 children is not uncommon.
Most people are farmers or fishermen…but unemployment is very high.

What’s life like for kids in Anda?

Beyond their amazing resilience and cheerful natures, the kids of Anda are really hungry. Hungry for more fun, hungry for more opportunities and experiences and, quite simply, in need of more toys, books, clothes and activities plus a more comforting/healthier home environment. We know because we have been engaging with their families, playing with them, lending them books, sharing toys etc. They absolutely love it.

Besides school sports and dance activities, a beach and a basketball court there is not much for kids to do except watch TV (if they are lucky enough to have one) or hangout at an internet cafe (for those that can afford it). No library here. No gymnasium. No other games or leisure options for kids. Parents often struggle to make ends meet, working hard as fishermen or farmers. They often have little, or no, time or energy to devote to entertaining their kids in new and interesting ways. Certainly they don’t have spare money for toys or books or trips outside the village.

Is Anda really as beautiful and friendly as its reputation?

No. Anda is much more beautiful and friendly than words can describe. The crime rate is near-zero. Come and experience Anda for yourself. Bring your friends and family too….. You won’t regret it.

Who designed the ANDAKIDZ website?

Our favourite web designer, Merle Ainsoo, designed and mostly built this site using the great value Woothemes for WordPress. Merle kindly donated her time absolutely free of charge which makes her one of ANDAKIDZ most generous supporters. Thanks a million Merle.

Please help us help ANDAKIDZ in anyway you can.

How can we find out more about ANDAKIDZ?

Follow us on Facebook for almost daily updates or contact us by email or phone to get updates.