Day Care Centre Support

Anda’s day care centres need help. You can help by sending money, non-plastic toys, jigsaw puzzles, story and drawing books and colouring pencils etc.

There are 18 public day centres which provide education and care for more than 500 3-4 years olds in the 16 barangays (districts) of Anda.

Late 2012 we visited them all (with the kind support and assistance of the local police force) to photograph the daycare centres and interview the teachers about their needs and desires for improvements.
We observed and heard that some daycare centres are in a reasonable condition yet others are in a very poor state e.g. with holes in the roof, no electricity, no flooring, no toilet, lack of chairs & tables etc.

See more photos of Anda’s day care centres.


In December 2012 we made a delivery of 40,000 pesos (800€) of materials. See photos here.

In 2013 we secured the support of Total Woodkraft, a Bohol-based furniture maker. Since then Total Woodkraft have supplied 200 children’s wooden chairs to Anda’s day care centres.

During 2013, thanks to our US partner Bagong Kulturang Pinoy Inc, we supplied over 1,000 fun and learning books – shared between all the day centres.
In April 2013 we organised some daycare centre teachers of Anda to be trained in BKP’s First Steps to Engaged Reading read-aloud methods at workshops arranged by the Peace Corps.
Our hope is to have small libraries/ reading centres and read aloud methodologies employed in every barangay in Anda.

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