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We (meaning lots of ANDAKIDZ volunteers from 20+ countries working together with the local fishermen and their families, the police and a range of other Filipino volunteers – about 200 people involved in total) built a community centre in Anda, Bohol between August and January 2015.
Here’s a slideshow showing how we did it.
It’s an indoor play and learning centre that can be used by children of all ages when they are not in school (after school, weekends and holidays). A place to make crafts, paint & draw, read books, play games, enjoy musical instruments, watch educational programs, practice singing/dancing, hold events etc.
When the kids are not using it the adults can for various community projects and meetings.

We used plastic bottles filled with sand as “bricks”, old tyres for furniture, bottle caps for decoration and the windows…made from rum bottles of course! – wherever possible we resued and recycled waste materials from the area and combined them with local resources such as nipa leaves, coconut wood and bamboo.

The amazing design is by Estonian architect volunteer, Hanna Läkk.
This project would not have got off the ground without the generous assistance of Henkel Schwarzkopf, especially Ele Kõlar.

We need more help, your help, to fully develop the centre’s amazing potential. We need money, musical instruments, toys, materials for the playground and volunteer labour.
Please give a little.

The centre now has its own Facebook page.

Why is it so important to give kids a great place to play and learn?

Children love to play and it’s good for them.
Toys and games can deliver the endless benefits of play:

Play builds the imagination
Play promotes social skills
Play advances physical development
Play helps kids work through emotions

Everyone knows that when inspired, kids love books and empowerment through reading really can mean children have a better chance to read their way out of poverty when they are adults.

Reading skills are so important because:

Reading exercises a children’s brain, much more than just watching TV
Reading improves the concentration ability of children
Reading teaches children about the world around them – about people, places and events outside their own experience
Reading improves children’s vocabulary which leads to better-developed language (and writing) skills
Reading develops a children’s imaginations
Reading helps children to develop empathy
Reading well means better academic results
Reading is fun!
Reading relaxes the body and calms the mind

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