All Good Things Come to an End

Over the past 4 years ANDAKIDZ has been working closely with TAFIAS (Talisay Fisherman’s Association) in Anda, Bohol, The Philippines but all good thing’s come to an end.
It’s good news though…as you will see if you read on… In August 2017 Robin Gurney, ANDAKIDZ Director, visited Anda to meet with TAFIAS.
We discussed and agreed to handover ANDAKIDZ assets and activities to TAFIAS with immediate effect.
Let’s look back a bit and see how we came to this big decision. Initially the ANDAKIDZ goal was very simplistic (and looking back, very well intentioned but partly ignorant of the real need in the area) – to help disadvantaged children and their families in the area of Anda where we lived. As our experience grew and understanding developed we realised that the goal should NOT be JUST to help but actually to help people help themselves. (continues)
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Our Mission

ANDAKIDZ is bringing joy to the children of Anda.

ANDAKIDZ provides goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce childandakidz.orgi just added you as admin on andakidz