Handicraft Livelihood Project

If you don’t speak Estonian you might be wondering what the recent posts with handicraft pictures are all about!
Let me explain..

In a project co-funded by The Estonian Government two wonderful ladies have come to Anda for 3 months to train unemployed locals to make various handicrafts. Most of the local trainees are mothers but some unemployed out of school youth and fishermen are also involved.

Janika Printsman and Anni Ansmann, both professional handicraft makers, have been showing and teaching various skills at the ANDAKIDZ COMMUNITY CENTRE in Talisay, Anda, Bohol.

The products that are being produced include:

– Bamboo, coconut and shell earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
– Coconut bow ties (we think the President of Estonia, Mr Ilves, might like these…)
– Coco Bras (actually bikini tops)
– Bags of various shapes and sizes made from pig and chicken feed sacks!!

In addition Janika has been teaching and building a stock of Estonian style crochet hats and kidz dresses.
Anni has also mentored one woman Jill as a seamstress and work has been gained making cushions and other materials for a local resort.

So far over 20 people are involved and we expect to pass on more skills to more people before the project ends.

Tools and equipment are being left with the group so they can continue to make and earn long into the future.

Orders and enquiries have come in from Estonia, Holland and we expect and welcome more.
Prices are very favourable in European/western terms and so if you know anyone who would like to purchase and resell any of the items then please get in touch with me, Robin Gurney, robin@andakidz.org

First deliveries can be made to Europe in April and May.

Our Mission

ANDAKIDZ is bringing joy to the children of Anda.

ANDAKIDZ provides goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce childandakidz.orgi just added you as admin on andakidz