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After a series of meetings with TAFIAS key members and TAFIAS internal consultations it was agreed that the initial focus had to be on fast revenue generation. The fact is TAFIAS and its members are struggling financially. It has become clear that the money issue is a real threat.
Whilst sales of the Tilapia Chips are steady the volumes are low. The season is when tourists are in Bohol and that’s not until December 2015.

The first step made therefore was to create an eatery/mini café next to the ANDAKIDZ Community Centre on TAFIAS “territory”.
Using some materials supplied by ANDAKIDZ and recycled materials a hastily-built café was up and running in just a few weeks.
Why a café as a first step?
The road. There is a new road being built from central Anda all the way to Lamanoc Island. It’s a huge and long overdue project and because of it there are many road construction workers who need lunch.
Also the Community Centre and TAFIAS both attract visitors on a regular basis to see what’s going on. Having a food and drink option (rather than just snacks for sale) seemed a wise move.
On top of that in the barangay (village) where TAFIAS resides, Talisay, there was no real eating and meeting place.
So now there is a café and its starting to work..of course the revenues are small but it’s a step in the right direction.. 🙂

The Project is co-financed by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
eesti aregokoostoo

Our Mission

ANDAKIDZ is bringing joy to the children of Anda.

ANDAKIDZ provides goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce childandakidz.orgi just added you as admin on andakidz