ANDAKIDZ Projects for 2015/6

In August 2015 I, Robin Gurney, ANDAKIDZ Director and volunteer, headed back to Anda, Bohol after a few months break in Europe.
My goal over a 8 month period is to assist ANDAKIDZ local partner organisation TAFIAS in product development and marketing (finding marketing and distribution channels for existing and new products etc.) and in revenue creation for the community and the ANDAKIDZ community centre

Robin Gurney celebrating continued cooperation with with TAFIAS President Virgilio Mainit

Robin Gurney celebrating continued cooperation with with TAFIAS President Virgilio Mainit

(rental of premises and equipment, organising the events etc.).

First step is to develop a strategy and action plan for revenue increase of the community centre and TAFIAS.

The activities are continuation of the project “Creative Marketing for small businesses” project completed in early 2015 where the result was the launch of TAFIAS World Famous Tilapia Chip’s (thanks also to vital input from ANDAKIDZ volunteer, Janno Siimar).

My project is the first of four happening in 2015/6
MTÜ ANDAKIDZ and its long ­term Filipino partner TAFIAS (Talisay Fishermen’s Association), both entirely staffed by unpaid volunteers, opened a community centre to serve disadvantaged communities in Anda (Philippines) in 2015. This new project provides an additional 4 volunteers to optimise and develop the management of the centre and, to specifically, create reading, playing and learning opportunities for local children and sustainable learning and revenue generating opportunities for unemployed women and fishermen in the area. This project is part of wider program of privately and Estonian government funded development cooperation activities by ANDAKIDZ.
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Our Mission

ANDAKIDZ is bringing joy to the children of Anda.

ANDAKIDZ provides goods and services through the local community that will improve the lives of children in the poorest families and ultimately reduce childandakidz.orgi just added you as admin on andakidz